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Thai Delivery Rider Gets Hired By Auntie Just To Hear Her Sing

Easiest money of his life.

We all have heard funny stories of delivery riders being asked to do the strangest things like putting pet chickens back into their cage. But how often would you hear of one being hired to hear someone sing?

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This was exactly what happened to a Thai delivery rider, who took to Facebook to share the amusing encounter.

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Hired to hear auntie sing

In the video by Tan Sparta, it showed an auntie singing her heart out as he sat quietly beside her while bopping his head to the music.

28 seconds into the clip, the delivery rider flashed several ฿20 notes in his hand and gestured the number ‘3’ with his fingers.

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According to the caption, he was paid ฿20 (RM2.46) per song and had already listened to a total of three songs at the time of the recording.

Watch the video here:

Easiest job ever!

The clip has since garnered 35k reactions and 1.8 million views so far, where netizens were amused by the adorable encounter.

“You should hear the auntie sing instead of delivering stuff.”

Thai delivery rider gets hired by auntie just to hear her sing comment 1
Screenshot via FB/Tan Sparta

“I can literally hear her sing all day.”

Thai delivery rider gets hired by auntie just to hear her sing comment 2
Screenshot via FB/Tan Sparta

What other funny things have you told delivery riders to do? Let us know in the comments!

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