SJK(C)Keat Hwa’s creative class photos of 2020 impress the Internet

Nothing can stop them from keeping this precious memory.

Primary schools leave us with many precious memories with unique traditions. For example, the duty roster for cleaning the class during recess, annual sports day, Children’s Day and Teacher’s Day party in class, different festival celebrations in the hall, assembly, all kinds of competition, the good old “I don’t want to friend you anymore!”, etc. And of course, the annual class photo in which everyone stands in rows arranged according to everyone’s height, always taking two serious and one freestyle.

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Sjk(c)keat hwa's creative class photos of 2020 impress the internet
Traditional class photo (Photo: Rydah Tan)

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, the life of primary school students has changed a lot. They can’t play with friends in school, can’t study in a classroom, do experiments, and of course no more celebrations or taking a proper class photo.

However, there’s always a way when there’s a will. Recently, SJK(C) Keat Hwa has displayed their extraordinary class photos of 2020. The uniqueness and creativity of the pictures have garnered 10k reactions, 615 comments and 6.5K shares.

The production team gave every standard different background and prop. One similar thing about every picture is that all of them were taken individually and then collaged together. It is to follow the SOPs and keep social distances.

In the post, the school’s Facebook page’s admin gave credits to the photographer for putting his time and effort in editing and collaging the pictures of every student.

Most of the netizens who have commented to the photo were impressed by the photographer’s team’s creativity and the school who has arranged this unique photo session for the students.

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