‘Sit Outside If You Bring Your Own Drinks’ – Puchong Kopitiam’s Notice Triggers Backlash 

Drink more water.

A kopitiam in Puchong has once again ignited controversy on social media with its policy requiring customers who bring their own. beverages to sit outside, a move aimed at curbing disputes over non-purchase of drinks.

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Indoor dining areas only for customers who order drinks

The heated discussion led to the kopitiam’s final decision to allow customers to bring their own drinks and water, but with the stipulation that they must dine outdoors.

“The indoor dining area, equipped with air conditioning, is reserved for customers who order drinks from the shop,” it wrote.

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Notice the kopitiam put
Photo via Internet.

The Kopitiam’s management explained the policy by highlighting the costs of providing a comfortable dining environment, including staff wages, air conditioning, electricity, taxes, and maintenance.

Teh kopitiam glass cup
Photo by WeirdKaya. For illustrative purposes only.

Wishes customers to understand their business model

By setting this rule, the establishment aims to balance fairness and operational costs, urging customers to understand and respect their business model.

In order to avoid future disputes, we have decided to take a step back. Customers are allowed to bring their own water but must sit outside. If they wish to enter, they must order water.

We need to cover employee salaries, air conditioning, electricity, taxes, and maintenance costs.

We hope friends from all walks of life can understand.

Comparing the situation to attending a cinema without watching the movie or boarding a plane without paying by bringing one’s own chair and food, the kopitiam’s post emphasized the importance of patronizing the business through purchasing drinks.

This practice, they argue, is common sense in the dining industry and necessary for maintaining a pleasant environment for all customers.

Triggers many

Another notice circulating on the “KL 吹水站” echoed similar sentiments, reiterating the need for customers to order at least one drink per person to enjoy the amenities inside the kopitiam, as a way to offset the costs of air conditioning, electricity, taxes, and furniture maintenance.

Comments from netizen_1 kopitiam

These policies have led to mixed reactions online, with some questioning the necessity of mandatory beverage purchases for indoor seating.

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Comments from netizen_2

Critics argue that focusing on such requirements overlooks the broader principle of generosity leading to prosperity and suggest that good reputation and customer flow are more crucial to a business’s success.

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