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[PHOTOS] See how Singaporeans are pumping petrol in creative and weird ways as the MY-SG border reopens

The more the merrier.

Following the reopening of Malaysia’s border with Singapore, citizens from both countries have can finally travel without restrictions via land or air.

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The more the merrier

Many Singaporeans have also flooded Johor Bahru on the first day of the border’s reopening after two long years of being unable to enjoy its food, tourist attractions, and most of all, cheap petrol.

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While the Singaporean government has officially rolled out the three-quarter tank rule where Singapore-registered vehicles are required to reach the minimal amount of fuel before leaving the country, some have managed to circumvent this law and take advantage of Malaysia’s cheap petrol rates.

Watch this video by the Singapore Incidents here:

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The infamous ‘shaking the car’ manoeuvre

On Twitter, many Malaysians wasted little time in showing the lengths Singaporeans would go to make full use of RON95 fuel.

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One of it was the iconic ‘shake the car’ move, where Twitter user @hazardgeek posted a photo of a woman shaking her car vigorously to get more petrol into her vehicle.

Sky’s the limit

Meanwhile, another Singaporean-registered car rear is seen being elevated with the help of two ramps at a Petron petrol station.

In the Tweet by @cheajibsayang, this driver probably beats the rest when it comes to fully utilizing the petrol as he uses a car jack to lift the vehicle a few centimeters from the ground.

He also sarcastically wrote:

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After 2 years of research, Singaporeans no longer use the ‘car shake’ method.

In another video by Singapore Incidents, several creative netizens made a TikTok video depicting how some drivers shake their cars to maximise petrol input.

Singaporean pump petrol at jb petrol station 01

Watch the video here:

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Cover Images via Facebook/Twitter

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