SG Man Puts Brick Underneath Jaguar So That He Could Pump More Petrol In JB

Really now?!
If there’s one thing that never ceases to amaze Malaysians, it would be the lengths that owners of Singaporean-registered cars would go to ensure that they maximise the amount of petrol they pump.

This time, a Singaporean man has gone viral for a rather unusual way of achieving this goal: by putting a brick underneath his sports car. Yes, you read this right!

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SG man puts brick underneath Jaguar at JB petrol station

The mindboggling incident was captured in two photos which were shared to a Facebook group, reported Oriental Daily.

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Sg man puts brick underneath jaguar
Photo via Oriental Daily

According to the Chinese daily, it was believed to have taken place at a petrol station in Johor Bahru.

As seen from one of the photos, the brick was placed underneath the right rear wheel of the Jaguar to elevate it before the man refuelled it.

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This is presumably based on the assumption that raising the vehicle slightly above the ground would allow more petrol to be pumped in.

Jaguar with a brick underneath its right rear wheel
Photo via Oriental Daily

‘So kiasu!’

Needless to say, the man’s actions didn’t win him any favours from Malaysians, who were angered and stunned by his refuelling method.

A majority of netizens slammed him, where they called his behavior “cheap and embarrassing”.

Others said that it was a prime example of one being kiasu (fear of losing out) to others. Some also joked that the person who took the photos should go and help “perform CPR” on the man’s Jaguar.

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