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Huat ah! SG homeowner sets up 6-metre tall God of Fortune statue to ‘bless the entire neighbourhood’

The bigger, the better.

As Chinese New Year approaches, many families have begun to adorn their home with bright red decorations to welcome the Year of the Tiger.

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God of fortune photo by shin min daily
Photo: Fb/Andrew Wee

This Singaporean homeowner however, decided to take it to another level by installing a 6-metre tall God of Fortune (Cai Shen), reported Shin Min Daily News.

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The towering God of Fortune was placed at the second floor of the house located in Kanji, which had a bird’s-eye view of the entire neighbourhood.

God of fortune singapore
Photo: Shin Min Daily

According to Chinese tradition, the God of Fortune is believed to grant good luck and a symbol of ushering an auspicious and prosperous year ahead.

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Bringing Cai Shen into your home

The Chinese daily also reported that the God of Fortune couldn’t be hoisted to the balcony through ordinary means and had to be done with the help of a crane.

God of fortune spotted at sg household 1
Photo: Fb/Andrew Wee

A giant billboard with the words 迎春接福 (Welcoming Spring and Receiving Blessings) was also erected at the front door complete with six oranges, flowers and a giant butterfly.

God of fortune spotted at sg household 2
Photo: Fb/Andrew Wee

The article has since garnered over 2.7k likes at the time of writing, with many saying that the owner was literally ‘bringing Cai Shen into [his] home’.

Spent two months building the God of Fortune

In a video uploaded by Facebook user Andrew Wee, we can see the God of Fortune being placed at the balcony with a crane.

When contacted by Shin Min, the owner said that the giant figurine was made up of polyfoam and took two months to be completed.

Neighbours were also surprised to see the statue in their neighbourhood and added that they were glad to be recipients of great blessings and fortune during the festive season.

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Cover Images via Shin Min Daily & Facebook

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