SG Thai Eatery Lodges Police Report Over “Your D*ck Die” Message By GrabFood Customer

Why you gotta be so rude?

If you’re a restaurant owner, you’re bound to see weird and sometimes rude messages from customers such as asking for tons of sambal or threatening the eatery with hellfire.

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A Thai eatery in Singapore recently received a shocking message from a customer, where it translated to “your d*ck die” in Thai.

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Customer sends ‘Your d*ck die’ message

The eatery named 87 Just Thai Killiney wrote of the incident in a Facebook post on Sept 9 to highlight the verbal abuse its employees faced.

According to the post, the customer sent an order for a pad thai via GrabFood.

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While the order looked fine on the outside, it wasn’t until staff noticed the message accompanying it.

With the help of Google Translate’s image translation services, they realised that it meant “your d*ck die” in Thai.

The eatery’s co-owner Tan told Mothership that his staff were “very upset and angry” and even refused to divulge to him the meaning of the message.

Confronted customer

Tan added that the customer went under the name of “sshole” and that he initiated a conversation with the eatery with the words “f**k you” on the Grab app.

The customer also typed “one star” in the message, implying that he would be giving 87 Just Thai Killiney a one-star rating.

Tan later contacted Grab to complain about the customer’s uncouth behavior and asked them to cancel the order, which they subsequently did.

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Police report lodged

Tan also said that the eatery has since lodged a police report over the matter.

We do not condone any forms of abuse to our staff members and a police report has been made. No one should be subject to such abuse in the F&B or any other industry.


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