Security guard who worked at China’s top university graduates with 20,000-word thesis and plans to obtain a Master’s degree

He has learned 15,000 English words while working as a security guard at PKU.

Last year, a security guard named Xu Wenlong made headlines with his feat of memorising 15,000 English words while working at China’s top university, Peking University (PKU, 北京大学).

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Xu wenlong at pku
Screengrab from Peking University

He was also frequently spotted studying for China’s gaokao, better known as the National College Entrance Examination (NCEE) while on duty too.

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Xu wenlong performing duties
Screengrab from Renmin daily

Fast forward to today, PKU’s official WeChat channel released a video of Xu graduating from the Beijing Forestry University with a 20,000-word thesis.

Pku security guard
Screengrab from Peking University

‘Learning is a lifelong process’

In the video, Xu revealed that he had studied English for a long time and will continue to serve as a security guard even after his graduation.

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“If the circumstances allow me, I’ll also apply for postgraduate studies.

I’d like to say that no matter what job you’re doing, continue to improve and gain more knowledge at the same time,” he said.

One year later xu shares stories of him
Screengrab from Peking University

His story have touched many online, with over 10 million views garnered on Weibo since it was uploaded.

Went viral one year ago

Xu had his first taste of fame when he participated in PKU’s assessment meeting and shared how he added 15,000 English words into his vocabulary within a span of three years and his gaokao enrolment.

Xu wenlong pku security guard
Screengrab from Peking University

“I vividly remembered back in August, a foreign student who didn’t understand Chinese came to me in a panic. I told him in English, ‘Don’t worry, what can I do for you?

The foreign student said: ‘I have a stomachache and I want to see a doctor. I then answered, ‘I can take you to the emergency room at once.'”

Xu further added that the student thanked him afterwards and expressed his pride in being able to extend help to him.

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Cover Images via Peking University

Editor: Sarah Yeoh

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