“Y’all Are Embarrassing!” — Billie Eilish Fans Slammed For Littering Outside Bukit Jalil Stadium

Some things just never change.

Following Billie Eilish’s maiden concert at the Bukit Jalil Stadium yesterday, many Malaysian fans came together to catch a glimpse of the global superstar despite the poor seating arrangement and sound system.

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Unfortunately, they brought a bad habit along with them as well – littering.

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Screenshot via TikTok

This was first brought to light by a TikTok user, who uploaded a video showing plastic cups, plastic bags, and water bottles strewn outside the stadium as passersby walked past, seemingly oblivious to it.


It didn’t take long for the TikTok video go viral, where it has since attracted strong criticism from netizens over the lack of civil consciousness among fans.

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One netizen wrote: “Billie Eilish is fighting climate change through her concerts by eliminating single-use plastic, reducing emissions, offsetting carbon, sharing awareness & partnering with environmental movements like REVERB. The least you guys can do as her fans is to support this cause.”

Another netizen sarcastically commented: “I thought it was by RXZ (a motorcycle event) members, but it was Billie Eilish.”

Others bemoaned how Malaysians were still unable to throw their rubbish properly at this day and age, calling them “embarrassing”.

Screenshot via Twitter
Screenshot via Twitter

They also said that such behavior was mocking Billie Eilish’s efforts in conserving the environment.

“Is it not Billie who said we have to save our planet? What is this? Some of y’all are embarrassing.”

Screenshot via Twitter


Billie Eilish’s 2022 World Tour is in partnership with REVERB, where it aims to reduce the environmental footprint of touring and take action on the climate crisis.

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'i thought it's rxz member, but it's billie eilish' - netizens rage over rubbish littering after concert
Image via REVERB

Following her collaboration with REVERB’s Music Climate Revolution, Billie Eilish has been a strong proponent of environmentalism and often encourages her fans to take action for the people and the planet.

The initiative includes fighting single-use plastic pollution, using free water refill stations to ditch disposables, plant-based food options, upcycled clothing merch, recycling, composting and more.

At every show, fans are encouraged to donate for a custom Billie Eilish #RockNRefill Nalgene reusable bottle, along with getting connected local non-profit organisations and quizzing your climate knowledge.

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'i thought it's rxz member, but it's billie eilish' - netizens rage over rubbish littering after concert
Image via Facebook

Watch the full video here:

@meranomiii Malay🤭 #billieeilish #happierthaneverworldtour #fyp ♬ original sound – Jozeph

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Cover Image via Twitter/BatrishaNawawi and TikTok/meranomiii

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