PDRM & JAWI Raid RexKL Halloween Event, Arrest Several Transgender People & Drag Queens

Attendees of last night’s Halloween event called ‘Shagrilla’s Shaved Halloween Party’ at RexKL ended up being raided by police.

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It is understood that the several drag queens and transgender people were detained by Jawi officers for investigations, BFM reports.

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Rexkl raid
Photo provided by WeirdKaya reader.

Many of the attendees, who were dressed in costumes for the Halloween festival, were also instructed to take out their identity cards (IC) for the police officer to check.

“We thought it was part of the play”

WeirdKaya reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, revealed that the police came in at around 9:45 pm and asked the organiser to turn on the light.

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Police officer at rexkl
Police officer at RexKL. Photo provided by WeirdKaya reader.

We were at RexKL for the Halloween party and everyone was dancing happily and watching a costume walk show.

“Then suddenly the police came and people thought it was just random people wearing police costumes. But we quickly learned it wasn’t because they started asking all partygoers to line up according to their gender.”

Jawi officer at rexkl
Jawi Officer at RexKL.Photo provided by WeirdKaya reader.

She further shared that the organisers then turned on all the lights and were requested by the police to give a name list.

“Some were requested to test urine but other people like us just wait inside the hall,” she added.

Partygoers left stranded at rexkl
Partygoers left stranded at RexKL. Photo provided by WeirdKaya reader.

WeirdKaya has reached out to RexKL for a comment but has yet to receive a reply.

More videos surface online

A Twitter user @wasan_963 also shared video of RexKL, saying that the exit was closed off and the attendees were forced to remain inside although many wanted to leave.

It is understood that they have waited for more than one and a half hour.

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Another user @Hi_im_scrote also mentioned human rights lawyer Siti Kasim to ask for her assistance.

Social activist Numan Afifi shared in a tweet that the some RexKL attendees had been taken to the office of Federal Territories Islamic Department(JAWI).

We are at JAWI office in Kuala Lumpur with human rights defenders and activists in solidarity with the people investigated by the religious department.

Many voice out their disappointment online

Many social organisations also took to twitter to share their disappointment towards the authorities and provide supports to the ones who were affected.

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Klang MP Charles Santiago also wrote a long tweet to condemn the act by the authorities.

‘It was a bad experience”

A source also told WeirdKaya that many foreigners were having fun at the Halloween party.

Some foreigners from Singapore and the Philippines said they were confused, adding that some of them were enjoying their last night in Kuala Lumpur before returning to their countries.

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I think it was a bad experience for me and we definitely didn’t leave a good impression to the foreigners.


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