Report: Malaysia Only Has 754 People Who Have A Net Worth Of RM142mil In 2023 

Not many crazy rich individuals in Malaysia.

In 2023, Malaysia only had 754 individuals whose fortunes exceeded US$30 million (approx RM142 mil), showcasing a 4.3% increase from the 723 recorded in 2022.

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This finding, part of the Knight Frank Wealth Report, places Malaysia just above Vietnam, which reported 752 ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI), the lowest tally among surveyed nations.

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The report leverages the Knight Frank Wealth Sizing Model to quantify the affluent across over 200 countries, offering insights into the distribution of wealth globally.

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The United States emerged as the domicile of the most UHNWIs, with a staggering count of 282,626, while the Chinese mainland hosted 144,897 such individuals.

Predictions for Malaysia suggest a notable 35% surge in UHNWI numbers, reaching 1,105 by 2028.

In a broader context, North America led the pack with 253,066 UHNWIs, followed by Asia’s 165,442 and Europe’s 155,232. The global UHNWI population stood at 626,619, with expectations set for a 28% growth to 802,891 by 2028, illustrating the expanding echelons of the world’s wealthiest.

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