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“Real 1Malaysia!” — M’sians Of Different Races Join In Lion Dance Troupe, Wins Praise From Netizens 


The lion dance performance is a traditional dance in Chinese culture and is generally performed during Chinese New Year (CNY) or auspicious events.

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While we have seen news of a Malay girl taking part in a lion dance competition along with her Chinese partner, a recent video showing Malaysians of different races participating in a lion dance troupe has once again caught the attention of many for its diversity.

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In a video posted by lion dance group Liondoncefreak, it showed a Malay girl kicking things off on ceremonial drums while two other Malay girls, an Indian and Chinese boy play the cymbals.

Expressed interest in lion dance during a performance

In an interview with The Star, Yong Jun Dragon and Lion Dance founder Kobe Chan Yong Zhen shared that the performance was held during the Xuan Long dragon and lion dance establishment ceremony in Subang on Thursday (Jan 12).

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Malaysia multircultural lion dance troupe 5
Screengrab via Fb/Liondoncefreak

Kobe told the English daily that the students joined the team in 2018 and studied at a Chinese primary school.

Our lion dance troupe went to the school to perform and they expressed interest in the dance,” he shared.

Kobe said that it was a difficult process for the teens at the beginning as the lion dance wasn’t part of their culture.

However, after three months of practice, they managed to master their lion dance skills.

The coach also attributed their success to their dedication and interest in lion dance.

Satu Malaysia

The three-minute-long clip has since garnered over 1.5 million views and 3.8K comments, with many praising the dance group for its multiracial team.

“Malaysians are of diverse cultural heritage. Wonderful to see our Malay youngsters indulge in this lion dance. Gong Xi Fa Chai!”

Multiracial dance troupe in puchong comment 03

“This is the true 1Malaysia regardless of your race, as long as religion isn’t involved.”

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Multiracial dance troupe in puchong comment 01

“I’m proud that I was born in Malaysia. Well done guys! So proud of you!”

Multiracial dance troupe in puchong comment 012

“Proud of you guys. Perfectly executed. Drummer girl, you’re super good […] I feel so excited too.”

Multiracial dance troupe in puchong comment 05

“Wow, they really play their hearts out. Good rhythm and team work.”

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Multiracial dance troupe in puchong comment 04

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