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Private house party in Penang raided by police following noise complaint

A not so happy birthday

BUKIT MERTAJAM – There was little joy for 11 partygoers, including three Vietnamese women, when police raided the luxurious condo they were having their merry gathering at Jalan Prai yesterday (August 8).

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The group was believed to have earned the ire of neighbours with the loud music while celebrating of one of the Vietnamese women’s birthday in the condo.

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The raid team, led by Chief Officer, Deputy Superintendent Akmah Yahya, arrived at the scene at 11 pm following a public complaint.

Penang Crime Investigation Department head, Senior Assistant Comissioner Rahimi Ra’ais said that the partygoers were too engrossed with the celebrations to notice the police’s presence.

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As a result, all the detainees, aged between 19 to 35, were caught red-handed.”

Officers checking the documents of the vietnamese women at a luxurious condo located at jalan prai, penang.
Officers checking the documents of the Vietnamese women at a luxurious condo in Jalan Prai, Penang.
Source: Sinar Harian

He added that investigations revealed that that the condominium located at Jalan Prai was rented by the Vietnamese women and two other friends at RM 1,450 a month.

Urine screening tests also revealed that five of the partygoers tested positive for drugs.

Luxurious condo located at jalan prai, penang

Rahimi also said that the group has been sent to the Seberang Perai Tengah Police Headquarters for documentation and will be taken to court to be remanded.

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