PAS Leader Criticises KL Nightclub For Inviting ‘Thai Hot Guy’ To Perform During Ramadan 

DBKL also found that the nightclub does not have an entertainment license.

Thailand seafood restaurant “Staneemeehoi” is bringing four muscular men ‘Thai Hot Guy’ to perform in Malaysia for the opening of a new nightclub in Kuala Lumpur. Local social media DJs Perry Kuan and DJ Alexis Grace will also be performing at the event.

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Thai hot guy malaysia kl
Source: Internet.

‘Thai Hot Guy’ coming to Malaysia

One of the biggest selling points of the restaurant is the muscular men who serve customers. They have impressive abs and good looks, and their funny and enthusiastic service attitude often involves dancing with customers and allowing them to touch their abs, creating a lively atmosphere that has attracted many tourists and locals.

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However, the topic of ‘Thai Hot Guy’ coming to Malaysia to perform at the bar opening has quickly become controversial.

Thai hot guy coming to malaysia
Source: FB/Privacy Tun Razak

PAS leader express dissatisfaction

The youth leader of the PAS, Ahmad Fadli Shaari, posted on Facebook saying that there was no need for such events, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

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He demanded that the Thai male model show on Mar 30 be cancelled and urged the public to oppose it and prevent it from taking place during Ramadan.

Azman, political secretary to the Prime Minister, told Sin Chew Daily that after an investigation, it found that Privacy Club did not have an entertainment license and its food license had expired two years ago.

He added that if the organizer violates the rules and conditions, the Kuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL) will take action against it.

Azman said that after receiving a report that the Privacy Club on Tun Razak Road was planning to hold an entertainment activity, his office had reviewed the advertisements posted on the bar’s Facebook page.

We learnt that the main focus of this entertainment activity will be the male service staff from Thailand dressed in women’s clothing and performing as Thai Hot Guy.

“DBKL’s preliminary investigation shows that the food license was issued to Beijing 9 Sdn Bhd, but this license expired on February 4, 2021. This establishment does not have an entertainment license, nor has it applied for one or made any application for entertainment activities.”

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