Panasonic Malaysia’s ‘Trim Your Rambut-an’ ad sparks heated debate over double standards

A case of 'Rules for you, but not for me'?

Panasonic Malaysia’s body hair trimmer advertisement video is now the subject of a fiery online debate over apparent double standards.

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Trim your rambutan_pic1
Screengrab from Panasonic Malaysia

In the ad titled ‘Trim Your Rambut-an’ produced back in March, it surrounds a conversation between a rambutan and a lychee, with the former asking the latter how it stays so smooth.

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Here’s the script:

‘Bro, you are as smooth as a lychee bro

‘Ya bro, here’s my secret…


‘Bros for life

Trim your rambutan_pic2
Screengrab from Panasonic Malaysia

As you can tell from the picture, the two smooth fruits then stand in between the hair trimmer, forming what appears to be a pair of testicles (if you ever paid attention to your Science Chapter 4 classes). *coughs*

Trim your rambutan_pic3
Screengrab from Panasonic Malaysia

In the caption, Panasonic Malaysia also advised men to not ‘let [their] Rambut-ans’ get out of hand and ‘get silky smooth like a lychee’ using the body hair trimmer.

Questions of double standard surface

The video, despite being made seven months ago, has since triggered a heated debate among netizens who questioned why would it got the green light from the same authorities who disapproved of Libresse Malaysia’s vulva-inspired ad.

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One Twitter user wrote, “So Libresse’s vagina flower is not okay but this is fine?”, where it received over 10k likes and 6k retweets at the time of writing.

Panasonic malaysia's 'trim your rambut-an' ad sparks heated debate over double standards | weirdkaya
Screengrab from Twitter/@indra_

Some also wondered how Panasonic managed to get the authorities’ blessing to publish the video.

Panasonic 'rambut-ans' ads_comment(1)

Another frustrated netizen expressed how Panasonic’s ad was deemed to be legit but not Libresse’s.

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Panasonic 'rambut-ans' ads_comment(2)

One netizen also brought up a news report dating back to 2017 where an ad faced widespread condemnation for including sexual innuendoes, implying that Panasonic should face the same consequence too.

Panasonic 'rambut-ans' ads_comment(4)

On the flip side, some netizens found the video to be funny and creative.

Panasonic 'rambut-ans' ads_comment(3)
Panasonic 'rambut-ans' ads_comment(5)
Panasonic malaysia's 'trim your rambut-an' ad sparks heated debate over double standards | weirdkaya

However, this netizen told Malaysians to move on from the issue and do something more productive.

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Panasonic 'rambut-ans' ads_comment(6)

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Cover Images via Panasonic Malaysia

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