‘So Cheap!’ — M’sian Woman Shows Off 2 Plates Of Nasi Kandar Which Only Cost RM13

With the cost of living showing no signs of slowing down, it’s getting harder each day to have a meal that’s not only tasty but affordable too.

However, there are still places across Malaysia that still offers delicious meals at a price that most can afford, such as this nasi kandar place in Manjung, Perak.

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Ordered 2 Plates of nasi kandar which only cost RM13

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), a netizen with the username @AinulNunanaa shared two photos of her nasi kandar meal and asked netizens whether they felt the RM13 price tag was cheap or expensive.

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2 plates of nasi kandar which only cost rm13 in manjung
Photo via X/@AinulNunanaa

As seen from the photos, both plates had a huge piece of fried chicken and was generously slathered with curry gravy.

The only difference between the two plates was that one of them had a small serving of sambal and a large green chili, while the other had a spoonful of potatoes.

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While the OP didn’t disclose the exact location, a sharp-eyed netizen identified it as a nasi kandar restaurant named Madinah.

‘This is cheap!’

In the comment thread, netizens could hardly believe that the two plates of nasi kandar only cost RM13, given the fact that food prices were rising rapidly.

‘This is cheap. Looks yummy too!’

'so cheap! ' — m'sian woman shows off 2 plates of nasi kandar which only cost rm13 comment 1
Screenshot via X/@AinulNunanaa

‘Super cheap. Nowadays, if you buy just one dish it costs you nearly RM10.’

'so cheap! ' — m'sian woman shows off 2 plates of nasi kandar which only cost rm13 comment 2
Screenshot via X/@AinulNunanaa

Do you know of any places that offer affordable meals? Share with us in the comments!


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