M’sian Urges Boycott Against Perlis Harumanis Mangoes Due To High Price, Gets Bashed Online Instead

Harumanis Mangoes are one of the best in the world.
In Kuala Lumpur, a young man’s call to boycott Harumanis mangoes, priced at RM30 per kilogram, has ignited a firestorm of criticism across social media.

Harumanis mangoes, renowned for their sweetness and unique flavour, are considered a delicacy and are not easily cultivated.

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“Outrageously expensive”

According to mStar, the incident, which began with a Facebook post, quickly escalated as netizens from Perlis, where the fruit originates, expressed their anger and disappointment over the perceived slight to their regional speciality.

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The young man’s post, which labelled the prices as “outrageously expensive,” suggested that consumers should resist purchasing them.

“The price of Harumanis mangoes has reached RM30 per kilogram, which is outrageous. Everyone should boycott!” he exclaimed in his post.

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Fb post boycott mango
Image via mStar

Don’t simply call for a boycott!

However, this sentiment did not sit well with many, as the backlash was swift and fierce. “If you think it’s expensive, then simply don’t buy it.

Don’t always call for a boycott!” commented one netizen, highlighting a sentiment echoed by many others who found the call for a boycott over the top and inappropriate.

Many locals defended the high price, pointing out the challenges and labour-intensive process involved in growing Harumanis mangoes.

“Do you think growing Harumanis mangoes is as easy as planting grass? If you can’t afford them, just don’t buy them, but don’t disparage others’ products,” a netizen argued.

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