M’sian Teacher Allegedly Punches & Chokes 4 Students Who Caught Him Smoking

One student suffered an injury.
Regardless of the circumstances, resorting to violence is never a justifiable or right solution.

Recently, a Malaysian teacher has been accused of slapping, punching, and even choking four students, aged between 10 to 11, after they caught him smoking in a storeroom.

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Man smoking
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According to Kosmo!, this incident reportedly occurred yesterday (May 9) at a religious school here.

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The 48-year-old male teacher resorted to using violence against four students after they were caught sneaking a glimpse of him smoking in a storeroom. Additionally, he has also been accused of scolding other students using harsh language.

Pontian District Police Chief, Superintendent Mohammad Shofee Tayib, confirmed that subsequent to the incident, the parents of the affected students promptly filed a report at the local police station.

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“Based on preliminary investigations, the students, upon returning home from school, were crying and trembling, and they complained to their respective families.” he explained.

One student suffered an injury

Moreover, he also disclosed that one of the students sustained injuries to the upper part of their body and their left eyebrow. In addition, the police have issued Pol 59 notices to the four students for further examination at Pontian Hospital.

No arrests made yet

Mohammad Shofee clarified that during the investigation, the teacher admitted to becoming enraged when one of his students caught him smoking in the school’s storeroom.

Despite the teacher admitting to it, no arrests have been made as the police await instructions from the Deputy Public Prosecutor’s Office (DPP) to proceed with the case.


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