M’sian Woman Sells Various Dishes For Just RM1 To Help The Less Fortunate

Bless her heart.
In this day and age where prices are skyrocketing, it’s extremely hard to find eateries that still offer food and beverages at an affordable price.

But for the local community in Kampung Raja, Machang in Kelantan, they have been blessed by the kindness of a vendor who has been selling different foods and drinks for just RM1!

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M’sian woman sells various dishes for just RM1

Speaking to Harian Metro, 56-year-old Aminah Awang, who formerly worked as a factory supervisor, said she has been selling an array of food for the past eight years at just RM1.

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Aminah awang with her rm1 food
Photo via Harian Metro

Some of the dishes sold for RM1 include noodle and kway teow soup, nasi air, air batu campur (ABC), sausages, lokcing, and several types of drinks.

Additionally, Aminah said she also has a separate menu of dishes prices between RM2 to RM3 which offers mee celup perut and kerabu maggi.

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‘I want to help the less fortunate’

When asked why she chose to maintain the RM1 price for so long, Aminah said her main aim was to offer more options for customers and help the less fortunate.

Some customers have asked me to raise the prices, but I cannot bring herself to do so because the eatery, which is operated within my compound, is a popular spot for school and university students.

Alhamdulillah, even though it is sold at RM1, I still make a profit, albeit a small one,” she said.

Aminah, who is a mother to four children, said her customers mostly consist of locals and nearby villagers, with some from out of town, making it hard for her to keep up with public demand.

“Fortunately, I am also assisted by two of my children and I feel happy whenever I see a customer be able to enjoy a meal at RM1 with a large and filling portion,” she said.

A customer named Ayu Awang told Harian Metro that she and her three family members are willing to travel all the way from Tanah Merah thanks to the low prices and delicious options given.

“We are aware that the increase in the price of goods forces traders to raise food prices, but as a consumer, I have to be smart in choosing where to get affordable food.

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“Besides being cheap, the food sold here is also delicious, and nowadays it is indeed hard to find such prices at any other food premises,” she said.

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