M’sian Woman Finds Lizard Inside Drink She Bought From A Stall In Klang

She told WeirdKaya that she thought it was cincau.
In recent weeks, there have been numerous photos and videos of customers getting unwanted ‘ingredients’ inside their food such as maggots and fungus.

Now, it seems that vendors are anxious to let customers try another kind of ‘ingredient’, this time in the form of a lizard.

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M’sian woman finds lizard inside drink

Netizens were recently left repulsed after a 7-second TikTok video posted by @azie_anjeeee showed how she was given a nasty surprise after buying a drink from a roadside stall.

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Lizard in yam drink
Screenshot via TikTok/@azie_anjeeee

In the clip, Azie is seen pouring out the yam-flavored drink into two jugs, only to find the dead amphibian stuck to the side of the plastic package.

Speaking to WeirdKaya, Azie said she felt extremely lucky not to consume the drink before she was aware of the lizard’s presence.

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I am so thankful that I saw the lizard before drinking it. Initially I saw something inside and thought it was cincau (grass jelly).

Lizard found in woman's yam drink
Screenshot via TikTok/@azie_anjeeee

“I bought the drink from a roadside stall in Klang for RM5 as I wanted to break fast with my family. We were all looking forward to quenching their thirst with what we thought would be a refreshing drink,” she said.

Azie added that the horrifying discovery had not only left her family shocked but deeply concerned about the hygienic standards of vendors.

Netizens traumitised

The clip has since garnered 1.2 million views at the time of writing along with thousands of comments from netizens disgusted by Azie’s discovery.

‘Oh, my God. Please go back to the stall and let the owner know. Pity the customer.’

M'sian woman finds lizard in her drink after buying it from a shop in klang comment 1
Screenshot via TikTok/@azie_anjeeee

‘This is the reason I don’t go to Ramadan bazaars nowadays.’

M'sian woman finds lizard in her drink after buying it from a shop in klang comment 2
Screenshot via TikTok/@azie_anjeeee

Watch the video here:

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Time nie beli air balang tepi jln area klang… sbb tringin sgt air keladi..dah siap tuang 2jug , ada balance sket lg dlm plastik …sy tergerak hati nk tuang smua dlm cawan ..skali ingat cincau nk gelonsor dlm cawan ..rupanya cicak yg dah hampir reput 🥹🥹🥹🤢🤢🤢…kecoh satu dapur sy menjerit ..geli giler 🤮

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