M’sian Horrified To See Maggots Inside Soup He Bought From Ramadan Bazaar At Melaka

After a long day of fasting, an individual who wanted to break his fast with the food he just bought at the bazaar was left in utter shock.

Recently, a Malaysian was horrified to discover maggots inside the meat soup that he had just purchased.

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M’sian shocked by maggots in soup

Maggot inside food
Photo via FB/Bouquet Bajet Jb

The OP shared his recent experience on a Facebook group account after wanting to break his fast yesterday (March 14).

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The post clearly shows that the OP was both frustrated and disappointed. Not only did the food vendor make him buy two soup containers, but he was also upset to find out that the food he had just bought was spoiled with maggots.

Bowl of soup
Photo via FB/Bouquet Bajet Jb

Explaining further, the OP mentioned he visited the bazaar because he was craving to eat meat soup to break his fast.

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He mentioned that the dish was sold at RM5 per container, and he had handed over RM10 to purchase just one container, but the trader insisted on him buying two containers and refused to refund the change.

Just when he wanted to break his fast with the food he just bought, he was taken aback. The OP found maggots inside one of the soups.

“When I got home to break my fast, I found maggots inside the bones. Is this what they call delicious? The meat smelled. I am very disappointed and upset,” he said.

The OP wrapped up his post by saying, “Please, if anyone sees my post, send my regards to the seller. We’ll meet in the afterlife.”

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