‘It’s Not Me!’ — M’sian Woman Shocked To Find Car Splashed With Red Paint By Loan Shark

Wrong target.
Loan sharks are no doubt terrifying individuals to deal with as they would stop at nothing to scare and intimidate borrowers into repaying their debts.

However, there are also times where they might target the wrong person, which was exactly what one young woman experienced.

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Found car splashed with red paint by loan shark

In a post on Xiaohongshu (XHS) by a user named 海利利, she wrote that she had parked her white Suzuki Swift in front of a house which was unoccupied for the past five years with no issues at all.

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As such, she was puzzled when she received a call from her brother, who told her that something terrible had happened to her car.

M'sian woman's suzuki car splashed with red paint
Photo via XHS

I thought it was a prank and told him to stop fooling around. But when he insisted that he wasn’t, I quickly rushed over and saw my car had been splashed with red paint.

“I’ve parked my car there for the past five years and my family is in the process of purchasing a house. So I’m not taking up anyone’s space,” she explained.

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Later, she found out that the culprit was the former occupant of the house, who apparently had owed loan sharks money. Aside from the red paint, a threatening note was also left on the passenger’s window which read:

‘Owe me money! Pay back my money!’
Note left by loan shark
Photo via XHS

In the caption, the OP lamented over her bad luck in being wrongly targeted by the loan shark and insisted that she owed no one money.

Confronted loan shark

In a separate post, the OP wrote that after several unsuccessful attempts to contact the loan shark via the Singaporean number provided, her brother finally managed to get hold of him on WhatsApp.

During the conversation, the loan shark gave a certain IC number and name and asked whether it belonged to the OP’s brother, who answered in the negative.

Perhaps sensing that he had gotten the wrong person, the loan shark suddenly killed the call.

On a brighter note, the OP was happy to announce that her car was completely free of red paint after she sent it to a workshop for cleaning.

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M'sian woman's suzuki car free from red paint
Photo via XHS
This isn’t the first time loan sharks have gotten the wrong target, with at least two instances occurring in the past:

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