M’sian Woman Asks For Discount On RM25 E-Hailing Ride, Allegedly Peed On The Backseat

Not again >.<
Being an e-hailing driver is no piece of cake, with each day presenting a new set of challenges and surprises from passengers.

A Malaysian e-hailing driver were left stunned after a woman passenger who kept asking for discount for her RM25 ride ended up peeing on his car’s seat.

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Whatsapp conversation
Screenshot via FB/Huiyu video

Passenger allegedly peed on the backseat

Shared by a Facebook page, the video shows the conversation between an e-hailing driver and a female passenger throughout the journey. According to the video, the driver asked her to pay the fare upfront before reaching the destination.

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Because previously, the same female passenger had become widely known on social media for refusing to pay the full amount to other drivers.

Msian woman passenger holding her phone
Screenshot via FB/Huiyu video

Therefore, the driver insisted that she pay upfront to prevent a recurrence of such incidents.

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The passenger, claiming to have only a RM10 note, assured the driver of transferring the remaining RM15 via QR code. However, during the trip, she attempted to negotiate a lower payment of RM22, which the driver declined it, insisting on the full fare.

Passenger talking to driver
Screenshot via FB/Huiyu video

After some delay, the passenger managed to pay the full amount. But upon her departure, the driver found that the passenger had allegedly urinated in the backseat.

The driver had no option but to clean up the urine stain left by the female passenger.

Watch the full video here:


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