This 18yo M’sian Has Earned Himself A Spot At Not 1, But 4 Ivy League Universities!

Well done!
It’s a widely known fact that getting into a single Ivy League institution is a tough task in itself, and when one is able to do so, it’s an achievement worth celebrating.

A young Malaysian shocked everyone after he managed to be offered a spot at not one, but 4 Ivy League universities and also several other famed educational institutions in the UK and US.

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18yo M’sian offered a spot at 4 Ivy League universities

According to The Star, the talented mind who achieved the feat of securing a spot at four Ivy League universities was 18-year-old Matthew Tang.

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Matthew tang
Photo via The Star

The four Ivy League institutions who gave Matthew an offer letter to pursue his tertiary studies were Yale University, Columbia University, Cornell University, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Aside from these prestigious educational institutions, he was also offered a spot at University of California in Berkeley and Imperial College London.

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Speaking to the English daily, Matthew, who’s currently studying his A-levels at Charterhouse Malaysia on a full scholarship, said he received the good news back on Mar 28 and is deeply grateful to see his applications being this successful.

I feel so truly blessed and grateful. I was hoping to be admitted into just one Ivy League university as I know how incredibly competitive it is, especially given the declining acceptance rates, but to receive four acceptances is just beyond my wildest dreams.”

Out of all the Ivy League institutions, the drop in successful admissions is most apparent at Yale University, where Mathew is one of the only two Malaysians who were accepted into its 2028 class.

The young man also thanked his family, friends, coaches, and teammates who gave their full support in his endeavour to earn a spot at an Ivy League university.

Aside from being a high academic achiever, Matthew’s also a talented swimmer, where he previously was a Selangor state swimmer but now represents Kuala Lumpur. He also once represented Team Malaysia at the Rubik’s World Cube Association (WCA) World Championship 2023 in Incheon, South Korea.

‘Know what you want to do’

Matthew told The Star that he plans to pursue Chemistry and is now weighing his options following the multiple offer letters he received.

He also had advice for other Malaysians who wish to gain admission to an Ivy League university to ask themselves what they want to be and achieve in their lifetime.

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The journey to the Ivy League begins with deep self-reflection. These questions compel you to look beyond superficial motivations and connect with your genuine passions, interests and purpose.

“Ivy League institutions are searching for more than just academic excellence – they seek individuals who have a clear vision for their future and a purposeful drive to make meaningful contributions to society.

“So, make sure you communicate and are able to exemplify that through your application,” he said.

Congratulations to Matthew and we hope he continues to excel at his studies at an Ivy League university!

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