M’sian who ‘Sprayed’ RM100k at nightclub says it was just a marketing gimmick

He got us at the first half, ngl.

Remember the mysterious individual who recently became famous overnight for spraying RM100,000 into the crowd with the help of a Supreme spray gun at a nightclub?

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If you have no idea what we’re talking about, read our coverage here:

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‘No such thing as nightlife for me’

After the video went viral, it turns out that it was all just a marketing stunt by the young man, who spoke to China Press to tell his side of the story.

In the interview, Tay Wee Shen, a former banker who now focuses on selling luxury watches and crypto-related technologies, said that he was never a partygoer.

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I love to play golf so I need to wake up early. Nightlife is non-existent for me.

“I later got to know Gatita Yan during a business course and realised that she was into luxury watches as well.”

All part of his marketing plan

After befriending Gatita, Wee Shen revealed that he took the opportunity to expand his social circle by building connections with more local influencers.

“When I went to the nightclub with Gatita, I saw many influencers there and immediately knew that it was an excellent chance to promote my business.”

He added that he had watched several videos by American YouTuber Mr Beast who is mostly known for giving out money to attract attention and decided to give it a try too.

I took a part of my marketing budget to ‘spray’ the money into the crowd but I regret it now as I’ve received many bad comments for my actions.

He added that after some self-reflection, he purposed not to promote his business by spraying money even if he was given another chance to do so.

Got most of his cash back

Wee Shen also said that most of his friends knew that the move was a marketing gimmick and simply played along with him.

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After spraying the money, my friends helped me collect most of it back.

Now that he has gained online fame, Wee Shen said that he will be hosting a charity drive with several influencers.

“I know that netizens wanted to get in touch with certain influencers but there wasn’t a platform for it, so I plan to host this event and will donate all proceeds to charity,” he said.

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