M’sian Vendor Sells Grilled Rabbit At Ramadan Bazaar, Attracts Many Customers

Last year, he sold around 10,000 pieces of grilled rabbit.
As Ramadan Bazaar becomes the talk of the town recently, here’s another one that you wouldn’t want to miss knowing about.

A Malaysian vendor once again draws the crowd by selling a rare dish, Grilled Rabbit, at the Ramadan bazaar near Perak Stadium in Ipoh, following the successful sale of 10,000 pieces last year.

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Msian vendor applying butter on rabbot meat at his stall
Photo via The Star

According to The Star, Sharul Shanizam Abd Rahman shared that during last year’s bazaar, his 10,000 pieces of grilled rabbit were sold out in just four days.

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As a result, this year, the 33-year-old ordered an additional 5,000 pieces due to the overwhelming customer response.

Marking his second year in this business, he explained that people love his grilled rabbit because it’s different. Most of the time, we see chicken everywhere, but rabbit is rare.

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“People want to eat something different, and I have several repeat customers,” Sharul shared.

The secret recipe

The generous vendor also shared his secret recipe for marinating the rabbit.

First, he marinates them overnight with barbecue sauce, rosemary, and other spices. Then, he cooks them slowly until they’re almost done before grilling them to make them tender and tasty.

He gets his rabbits from a farm in Melaka and sells a whole one for RM65. If you want a smaller portion, he offers quarters for RM15 and halves for RM35. Plus, you get rice and two sauces to go with it.

Price remains despite rising ingredient costs

Even though the cost of ingredients has gone up, Sharul Shanizam hasn’t raised his prices. He wants to keep his food affordable for everyone. Apart from grilled rabbit, he also offers lamb shanks at his stall.

Sharul Shanizam’s dedication to making tasty food shows that you can find delicious treats even during Ramadan.

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