M’sian Thief Unhappy With Stealing Only RM100, Returns 4 Days Later To Steal Again

A bad example of never giving up.
A thief in Negeri Sembilan tried his hand at stealing more money after he was dissatisfied with netting only a small amount during his first successful attempt.

However, it proved to be unfruitful and now police are hot on his heels following the circulation of his appearance on social media.

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M'sian thief caught on cctv
Photo via Kosmo

M’sian thief unhappy with stealing only RM100, tries again 4 days later

Speaking to reporters about the incident, Rembau district police chief Deputy Superintendent Shaik Abd Kadar Shaik Mohamed said that the theft took place on the first day of the Raya holiday.

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On the day of the theft, the suspect entered a temple located in the area and stole RM100 from a security guard who was sleeping. However, the donation box wasn’t stolen.

“Dissatisfied with stealing only RM100, the suspect returned to the temple four days later and tried stealing more money,” he said as reported by Kosmo.

Thief stealing money
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Canva

However, the second attempt was unsuccessful as the guard caught wind of what the suspect was up to. No financial loss was reported as a result.

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Shaik Abd Kadar said the temple management is believed to have circulated the CCTV footage on social media and that police are now tracking down the suspect.

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