M’sian artist suffers severe swelling at his lip after getting stung by a bee

Angelina Jolie called. She wants her lips back.

KUALA LUMPURLocal actor Harris Annuar shocked fans with a photo of his swollen lip after an unfortunate encounter with a bee.

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In an interview with Harian Metro, Harris, whose real name is Mohammad Harris Shahrul Annuar, said the incident occurred at 6 am on Friday (Oct 15) after he had a shower.

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“I then reached out for my towel to wipe my face and didn’t notice a bee sitting comfortably on it.

“Everything happened so quickly. Before I knew it, the bee had stung me and my top lip began to swell,” he said.

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Harris added that he rushed to a nearby clinic in Ipoh and was admitted to a ward for two days.

“The doctor told me that my blood pressure was low and wanted to monitor my heart’s condition. 

“I was also given two jabs at my arm and backside,” he said, adding that the doctor informed him that the swelling was caused by an ‘anaphylactic shock’, a rare but deadly bodily reaction towards insect bites.

Thankfully, Harris was discharged on Saturday and shared a video of him putting on his trademark smile although it was obvious that he was in great pain.

Always make sure that your towel’s free of insects before using it!  

Cover image via Harris Annuar.

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