M’sian Man Spends RM5K On Money Bouquet For Wife, Later Realises Only RM1.2K Was Left On It 

The profit margin 📈

A woman from Kuala Lumpur shared a cautionary tale about her husband’s unfortunate experience with an online purchase that turned sour not once, but twice.

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Spent RM5k on Money Bouquet

Over consecutive years in 2022 and 2023, the woman shared that her husband placed his trust in the same seller to deliver a lavish cash bouquet, only to be ensnared in a scam that left them significantly out of pocket.

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The first transaction in June 2022 seemed innocuous enough, with the husband ordering a cash bouquet worth RM5,000, with a processing fee of RM350.

Screenshot of the m'sian man buying rm5k money bouquet

It was only after the subsequent purchase in the following year, aiming for an even grander gesture with an RM8,000 bouquet, that the deceit came to light.

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The second bouquet never arrived, prompting the couple to scrutinize their first purchase.

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To their dismay, they discovered that the initial RM5,000 bouquet contained only RM1,200, culminating in a total loss of RM3,800.

After discovering this issue, we then opened the first purchased RM5,000 cash bouquet, only to find that it actually contained only RM1,200!,” she wrote.

The deceit unraveled further when, after pressing the issue, the seller’s family conceded to refund the money.

This admission did little to amend the sense of betrayal felt by the couple.

Taking to Facebook to share their ordeal, the victim underscored the importance of vigilance in online shopping, acknowledging the painful realization that the lost funds were irrecoverable.

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