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UM Graduate Surprised After Receiving Human-Sized Cutout Of Her K-Pop Bias Instead Of A Bouquet

K-pop fans who are yet to graduate, here's an inspo.

During a graduation ceremony, you often see students holding their bouquets with pride and a huge grin on their faces. However, in this particular case, a UM graduate was seen receiving a standee.

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A video posted on TikTok gained the attention of netizens after they saw a UM graduate receiving an unusual graduation gift. The graduate was seen with a cutout of her bias, Scoups, from the K-pop band called Seventeen.

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Woman receives a standee on her convo

Speaking to WeirdKaya, the friend who decided to gift Tasya, the graduate, explained that she was aware of her friend’s love for Scoups. Mirah, the friend, told that Tasya is a huge fan of the group and often talks about them.

Msian woman's friend brings scoups cut out to her phd graduation
Screenshot via TikTok/@mirahhhhwr

Mirah proceeded to purchase a Scoups standee online and decided to present it to Tasya as a gift during her convocation, opting for it over the traditional bouquet.

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A true friend indeed

I will always support my delulu friend.

While teasing her friend for her obsession with Scoups, Mirah explained that a few years back, Scoups had made a statement: “Bring your diploma.” Since then, their fans have always found motivation to study.

Msian woman takes a professional photo with her scoups bias cutout
Photo provided to WeirdKaya

Although Scoups mentioned a diploma, it’s worth noting that Tasya has now become a PhD graduate.

After Tasya was gifted the standee, people around her often gave her nasty looks because it was a PhD convocation, and there was a significant age difference among the attendees.

When asked if she took the standee home, Mirah told WeirdKaya that Tasya often got startled by the human-sized cutout and had chosen to keep it somewhere else safe.

You may watch the video here:

@mirahhhhwr Replying to @adik ipar scoups ke 6 tebalkan muka bawa standee demi Scoups Dr Natasya 😆😆 #Scoups #Carat #seventeen ♬ Gwenchana Cute Version – ALL SFX


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