M’sian Man Slams JB Ramadan Bazaar For Selling Roti John At RM40

He thinks the vendors are targeting visitors from SG.

This year, many Ramadan bazaars stirred controversy for the low quality and less hygienic food sold at high prices. 

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Another Ramadan bazaar was brought to the spotlight on Monday (25 Mar) by a TikTok influencer, Pok Teh due to its overpriced items.

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Through a video, Pok Teh claimed that the food prices at the Ramadan bazaar at Taman Suria, Johor Bahru are now too high, probably the highest among Ramadan bazaars in Malaysia.

Pok teh slams taman suria ramadan bazaar

For example, a burger can cost RM30 and the price of a Roti John is RM40. Not only that, some of the vendors are charging a plastic bag for up to RM0.50. Like it or not, you have to buy it, because you can’t carry the food like that without a plastic bag.

Thus, he advised the B40 group visiting the bazaar to be more cautious because the food sold may be beyond their means.

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It’s better to ask for the price before buying the food. They target Singaporeans.”

Pok Teh claimed that the vendors know that Singaporeans often visit Taman Suria when they want to eat Malaysian food.

The video has caught netizens’ attention and garnered 330k views, 10.7k likes, 1.7k comments and 1.1k shares as of writing. Watch it here.


It has received various reactions from the public who had underwhelming experiences at Taman Suria Ramadan Bazaar.

One user stated that he once bought a packet of Nasi Kerabu for RM20.

Nasi kerabu rm20 taman suria ramadan bazaar

Another customer recalled buying four pieces of Popiah for RM10.

4 popia rm10 taman suria ramadan bazaar

Some customers claimed to have bought a palm-sized grilled stingray for RM40 at the bazaar.

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Palm-sized grilled fish rm40 taman suria ramadan bazaar

Meanwhile, a user was expressing the vendors’ uneasiness as the rental fee of a stall at the bazaar has been increased.

“Sorry bro, but do you know the rental fees of a stall there is 8k-10k+ per month? Owners increase the rent of vendors every year, including those who have been in business for more than 10 years. They cannot do much besides paying the rent and continue to do business.”

Sorry taman suria ramadan bazaar rent is rising

The Director of the Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry (KPDN) of Johor State, Lilis Saslinda Pornomo, said that her office has not received any official complaints regarding the food prices at the bazaar so far when contacted by Sinar Harian on Tuesday.

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However, based on information in social media, we will conduct price monitoring at the bazaar,” she said.

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