M’sian Man Collapses And Dies After Playing Badminton In Perak

Playing sports is one way of keeping oneself healthy, but sometimes, it can be the triggering point for a person to suddenly lose consciousness and subsequently pass away.

Unfortunately, this was the case for a man who fainted and breathed his last while taking a break after playing badminton in Langkap, Perak.

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Man playing badminton
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Canva

M’sian man collapses and dies after playing badminton

According to a post shared to the Facebook group 冷甲霹雳LangkapPerak by an anonymous netizen yesterday (Apr 29), he expressed his sorrow over losing his friend of 20 years.

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In the post, the netizen wrote that the victim, whom he met through badminton, was a kind and helpful individual who had a deep passion for badminton.

Last night, he played badminton at a primary school at Langkap and took a break at the corridor. Suddenly, he collapsed (to the ground).

Dead body
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Canva

“Regardless, may the departed rest in peace and may his family find solace,” the netizen wrote.

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Warning signs to look out for

The netizen also shared a photo of the optimal heart rate one should have based on their age, adding that paying attention and controlling it is vital when exercising.

“Exceeding the maximum heart rate during exercise can be very dangerous, and pain is an important mechanism for the body to signal danger.

“Although muscle soreness is normal, if you experience sharp pain or numbness during exercise, you should be particularly careful,” cautioned the netizen.

The netizen also urged those suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure to stop exercising immediately should they experience breathlessness, cold sweat, or blurry vision.

If they still feel uncomfortable after a short break, they should seek medical attention immediately.

Such incidents aren’t new, where similar incidents have occurred in the past:

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