Man strips himself naked out of nowhere at hotel lobby in Genting, shocking many

He was believed to be facing heavy work pressure.

BENTONG – A man who was holidaying at Genting Highlands with his wife and children took off all of his clothes in broad daylight for no apparent reason at a hotel lobby, shocking onlookers.

According to China Press, the 46-year-old clerk assistant proceeded to kneel down to the ground after ridding himself of his clothes at about 4:20 pm yesterday (April 6).

Man strips himself naked out of nowhere at hotel lobby in genting, shocking many | weirdkaya

Enormous work pressure

Bentong district police chief Superintendent Zaiham Bin Mohd Kahar confirmed the incident to the Chinese daily, saying that the man was believed to be suffering from immense work pressure.

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“The man’s abrupt behavior brought a huge shock to passers-by, where some of them even brought towels and covered him up with it.

“Several local auxiliary police officers also rushed to the scene and instructed him to put his clothes back on,” he said.

Zaiham added that the man and his family had just reached Genting Highlands before his bizarre behaviour took place.

He was later escorted to the Genting Highlands police station before being sent to the Bentong Hospital for a medical examination.

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Cover Images via ChinaPress

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