WOW, Genting is reopening soon? 8 must-dos only 90s M’sians can relate to

Jom holiday.

After almost a year and half coped up at home, many of us are thrilled over the news of Genting Highlands reopening on 1st October.

So, what is it about Genting that makes it so appealing?

Well, many Malaysians would agree it’s because of the cool weather. Away from the humidity, it makes us feel like we are in another country!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to reminisce things Malaysians like us love to do at Genting Highlands.

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1. “Turn off the air-con; wind down the window instead!”

When the mists gets thick, you know it’s time to wind down the window to enjoy the cool fresh air of the highlands.

That’s the cool weather we have been longing for!

2. Window shop at Sky Avenue ’cause we broke (af)

Admit it, none of us have actually stepped into the shops. Everything at Sky Avenue (probably) costs more than selling our kidney.

But we do enjoy hanging around with friends or families around the shopping mall.

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Photo: eatandtravelwithus

3. Snap it for the gram

After lepak-lepak at Sky Avenue, how could we forget the chance to strike a pose at this iconic hotspot?

Do it for the gram, they say. (And so we did!)

Photo by Esther
Photo from Nestia

4. Get a cuppa of Starbucks

Another ‘must do’ for Instagram stories.

While we’re flexing our trip to Genting Highlands, might as well rub it in by getting overpriced coffee. It’s for the aesthetics, okay?

Photo by emily2u
Starbucks skyavenue
Photo by qiangteoh

5. Queuing for the cable car ride

*comes back for the 10th time to see if the queue has gotten shorter*

Does this sound familiar? Fingers crossed, we always hope we get the whole cable car to ourselves. In this instance, sharing is not caring.

However, being separated from our friends or family during this ride is probably the cruellest thing one can do.

Photo: klsentral
Photo by Esther

6. Eating maggi cup and telling ghost stories at hotel

Whenever Malaysians go, we must eat.

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As cheapskate Malaysians, never in our right mind would we order hotel food. We always come prepared, packing our own snacks and maggi cups.

To top it off, ghost stories are often exchanged as we talk our way through the night.

7. Shop at Genting Premium Outlet

We have heard rumours of how brands tend to sell their products at a cheaper price.

Unfortunately, we have no idea! Guess we’ll have to find out next month.

Photo: taufulou

8. Not forgetting the old outdoor theme park!

Man, how could we ever forget the old outdoor theme park? This was where childhood were made!

The caterpillar ride; the huge swing at the entrance; roller coaster; and bumper cars… the list goes on.

Photo from KlFoodie

This basically sums up our childhood memories on Genting Highlands.

Photo: FourSquare

Let us know why Malaysians love Genting so much!

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