M’sian Dad Sues UUM For RM3mil Over Daughter’s Death By Electrocution 2 Years Ago

Vinosiny passed away on May 21, 2022.
A grieving father who has yet to receive closure over the death of his daughter due to electrocution two years ago has sued a local university for RM3.05million.

According to NST, the lawsuit was filed by 55-year-old R. Sivakumar Rajoo at the Alor Star High Court on Feb 28, where Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) was named as the defendant.

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M’sian dad sues UUM for RM3mil over daughter’s death

According to the statement of claim, Sivakumar said his daughter, Vinosiny R Sivakumar, was found lying lifeless on the ground inside her dormitory room May 21, 2022, where she was 21 at the time.

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A post-mortem examination, which was part of the police investigation, later revealed that she had died due to electrocution.

In the lawsuit, Sivakumar said UUM had the responsibility of ensuring the safety of his daughter when using the room, its facilities or any electrical appliances.

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R. Sivakumar rajoo
Photo via Malaysiakini

The defendant, as the owner of the said dormitory, owed a statutory duty to all lawful occupants of its dormitories under the provisions of the Electricity Supply Act 1990 and the Electricity Regulations of 1994 to maintain the electrical installations of the dormitory.

“In breach of its duty in negligence and/or its statutory duty, the defendant failed to ensure that Vinosiny was safe from electrocution and/or failed to maintain the electrical installations (of the dormitory) in proper order, thus causing Vinosiny to be electrocuted, resulting in her death,” the statement read.

Still no formal conclusion

Following Vinosiny’s untimely death, there unfortunately has been no official conclusion in the investigation of her demise.

Vinosiny r sivakumar
Photo via Berita Harian

Last February, Klang MP V Ganabatirau brought up the matter in Parliament, where he was told by higher education minister Khaled Nordin that investigations were still ongoing nine months after Vinosiny’s death, reported FMT.

Sivakumar’s lawyer M Manoharan also voiced concern over the investigation, where he called for transparency and UUM to be held responsible for criminal negligence.

Read about the case here:

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