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M’sian Customers Pay RM1 For RM103 Bill At Grilled Fish Restaurant In Johor, Owner Asks Them To Step Forward 

The restaurant owner believes that it was a humble mistake done by the customer.

A local grilled fish restaurant is trying to contact three customers who visited their their shop yesterday evening(27 June), suspecting they may have made a payment error.

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Customers mistakenly paid RM1 for RM103 bill at Johor Restaurant

According to the restaurant’s post, the customers entered the restaurant at around 6:30 PM yesterday and used Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet(TNG) for payment at 7:46 PM.

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However, the restaurant staff then noticed a significant discrepancy – only RM1 was paid when the actual bill amounted to RM103.35.

M’sian customers pay rm1 tng for rm103 bill at grilled fish restaurant in johor, owner asks them to step forward 
Photo via FB/重庆烤鱼segamat

“We think you might have entered the wrong amount.

The three customers were seated near the glass door during their visit, and if they recall this incident, the restaurant requests they get in touch with us,” ,” said the restaurant’s representative.

Among the trio, one individual is notable for having a tattoo on their hand.

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Original receipt the customer should pay to the grilled fish restaurant
Photo via FB/重庆烤鱼segamat

Restaurant owner speaks to WeirdKaya

Speaking to WeirdKaya, the restaurant owner reiterated that the cost of the unpaid bill, which arose from customers apparently inputting the wrong payment amount, will be borne by the restaurant, not the cashier.

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On the day of the incident, two staff members were absent, leaving the waiter to cover additional responsibilities, including handling payments.”

“The restaurant’s management has been understanding of the situation, choosing to view it as an opportunity to learn and improve rather than placing blame on the employee.”

At present, the group of customers suspected of the payment error has not yet made contact with the restaurant. The management, in a show of goodwill, told WeirdKaya that they are willing to treat the situation as a courtesy meal to prevent any escalation.

The representative’s comments highlight the challenges that arise from small errors during transactions and underline the importance of maintaining an open line of communication with customers to rectify such issues swiftly.

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