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M’sian Boy Uses Mosquito Coils To Create Cute Arts, Wins Praises Online

Thinking outside the box.

In today’s digital era, it’s a rare sight to see children engaging in non-tech play.

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Yet, one boy discovered a unique way to entertain himself using a box of mosquito coils.

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Pictures showcasing his creations – from a pig to imaginative stick figures and emotive faces – were posted on a Johor Bahru community Facebook group.

M'sian boy uses mosquito coils to create cute arts, wins praises online 4
Photo: Fb/JB 新山吹水站2.0

“When you’re artistically gifted and haven’t been scolded by your mom in a while,” the caption in Mandarin humorously read.

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Additionally, it garnered many positive comments.

While many online users praised the boy’s creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, some even offered to purchase more mosquito coils for the young artist’s endeavors.

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