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Mother of nine sentenced to death for drug possession and distribution

The judge ruled that the prosecution had proven a prima facie case against the accused.

TAWAU – A 55-year-old Filipino woman was handed the death penalty at the Tawau High Court on Friday (Oct 15) for possessing and distributing syabu.

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Hairun Jalmani was found guilty of the charge three years after she was arrested at an unmarked house in Kampung Pangkalan Wakuba.

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In a TikTok post by See Hua Daily, Jalmani was visibly distraught after she knew of her fate.


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In the 58-second video, Jalmani could be seen wailing uncontrollably while crying ‘Tolong!” (Help!) as she was escorted out of the courtroom by a policewoman.

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According to Astro Awani, she was a single mother who worked as a fishmonger to support her nine children.

‘Where is the justice?’

The clip, which has been played for more than 147.9k times, deeply troubled netizens who were saddened to see Jalmani’s reaction towards the verdict.

Many took to the comment section to express their sympathy, while another angrily wrote that there were bigger criminals walking scot-free without any punishment.

Mother might have done it to feed her family
Don't judge her
Angry comments that it's always the small fish getting caught
Comment to mother of 9 being sentenced to jail

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Cover Images via TikTok/SeeHuaDaily

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