MOH: 790 Delta cases detected in Sarawak within the past week

Meanwhile, Penang comes in 2nd with 56 VOC cases.
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PETALING JAYA – The Ministry of Health (MOH) has detected 1,047 variation of concern (VOC) cases, with all of them being the Delta strain, reported FMT.

According to health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, the data was a result of continued studies by the Institute of Health and Community Medicine, UKM Medical Molecular Biology, the Integrative Pharmacogenomics Institute, and the Malaysia Genome Institute.

A turn for the worst?

The cases were detected in 11 states, with a majority located in Sarawak with a total of 790 cases.

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Other states on the list include Penang (56), Johor (55), Negeri Sembilan (34), Pahang (34), Selangor (31), Sabah (16), Melaka (16), Kuala Lumpur (6), Perlis (6), and Labuan (3).

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No VOC cases were found in any of the remaining states.

This bring the overall number of Delta cases to 3,432, with Sarawak accounting for 52%. Selangor (388), Johor (210), and Penang (195) were listed as the states recording the next greatest cumulative totals.

Previously, Noor Hisham was reported stating that the Delta variation had a greater infectivity rate (R0, or R-nought), making it more transmissible than the Wuhan virus which triggered the Covid-19 pandemic last year.

Cover image via The Star and Euronews

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