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McDonald’s RM5.95 McChicken Set Meal Poster Back In 2012 Resurfaces Online, Netizens Reminisce The Good Ol’ Days


The recent reappearance of a vintage McDonald’s poster online has not only evoked nostalgia but also sparked discussions on the rising costs of living.

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The poster, which dates back to a decade ago, showcases the once-affordable prices of some of the brand’s iconic meals.

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  • McChicken Meals for just RM5.95
  • Double Cheeseburger Set priced at RM6.95.
  • Filet-O-Fish Set also at RM6.95.
  • Big Mac Meal Set for RM8.95.
  • Spicy Chicken McDeluxe Meal at RM8.95.

Each of these meal sets is accompanied by a drink and medium-sized fries, ensuring a hearty meal for patrons.

Mcdonald's rm5. 95 mcchicken set meal poster back in 2012 resurfaces online, netizens reminisce the good ol' days | weirdkaya
Photo via Fb/McDonald’s

The poster highlights that these special prices are available every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday, between 6 pm to 9 pm.

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McDonalds’ Menu Price in 2023

Today, the cost of a McChicken meal’s McValue Meals has surged to RM10.95, which is approximately twice the cost from a decade ago.

Similarly, the price of a Filet-o-Fish set has risen from RM6.95 to RM13.15.

The Spicy Chicken McDeluxe meal, which was priced at a modest RM8.95 in 2012, now commands a price of RM16.95 for the same meal set.

Interestingly, McDonald’s has adapted its promotional strategy over the years.

The McValue Dinner, which was previously available during specific hours, has now been transformed into an all-day promotion, offering customers more flexibility.

The noticeable increase in prices over the years hasn’t escaped public attention.

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Former Prime Minister Najib Razak also highlighted this trend in a recent Facebook post, drawing attention to the broader economic implications and the challenges faced by everyday Malaysians.

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The sight of these once-common prices has undoubtedly evoked memories of simpler times for many. It’s a vivid reminder of days when enjoying a meal out was both a treat and affordable.

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The poster not only showcases the meals but also paints a picture of an era gone by, where value and affordability went hand in hand.

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