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Lumut Helicopter Crash Victim Told 17yo Son To Take Care Of His Sisters Before She Died

A premonition.
The whole of Malaysia was deep in mourning after a total of 10 lives were lost following a fatal crash involving two aircraft in Lumut, Perak yesterday (Apr 23).

Since then, various stories have emerged regarding the victims’ backgrounds, with one of them being about Warrant Officer II TNL Noorfarahimi Mohd Saedy, who seemed to have an intuition that her time was coming to an end.

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Lumut helicopter crash victim instructed son to take care of sisters

According to China Press, Noorfarahimi had instructed her 17-year-old son to take care of his two sisters aged 12 and 10 respectively before she was tragically killed in the crash.

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It was also learned that she had informed her husband about the fatal rehearsal and even planned on buying a house in Jitra so that she could live with her husband when she retired.

Noorfarahimi’s sister-in-law told RTM that Noorfarahimi was supposed to retire this year while her husband, who worked in the navy, was to follow suit the next year.

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Lumut helicopter crash victim told 17yo son to take care of his sisters before she died | weirdkaya
Photo via China Press

Shaken by news of Noorfarahimi’s passing

Unfortunately, all of these plans were brought to a crushing halt after Noorfarahimi died in the crash.

When my mother received a call from my brother about Noorfarahimi’s passing, the entire family was shocked.

“My brother was too distraught to explain the situation and requested our mother to gather more details through social media,” she said.

Noorfarahimi’s sister-in-law said Noorfarahimi and her family had come to Jitra before Raya to reunite with other family members and they planned to return to Selama to celebrate Raya.

Our condolences to the victims’ families for their untimely loss and we hope they will find peace during this difficult time.

Read more about the crash here:

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