M’sian Says Goodbye To Ex-Classmate Whom She Last Met During Raya & Died In Lumut Helicopter Crash

Rest in peace.
A recent tragic incident at the Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM) base in Lumut, Perak, has left the community in mourning after two helicopters collided during a routine training exercise early this morning.

The collision, which occurred around 9:45 AM in Lumut, resulted in the death of 10 crew members, including Mohd. Shahrizan Mohd. Termizi.

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Last seen during Ramadan

Mohd. Shahrizan mohd. Termizi
Image via FB/Suzana Hamdan

A friend of the deceased, Suzana Hamdan, expressed her shock and grief on her Facebook page, recalling their last meeting during Ramadan as an unexpected farewell.

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“Peace be upon you, my friend,” she wrote, paying tribute to her former classmate and lamenting the sudden loss.

Mohd. Shahrizan mohd. Termizi captain
Image via FB/Suzana Hamdan

Investigation undergoing

In a somber announcement, Defence Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin expressed his deep sorrow over the recent tragic collision of two navy helicopters.

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The accident, which occurred during a rehearsal for the 90th-anniversary celebration of the Royal Malaysian Navy at the Perak Red Earth Camp Naval Base, has prompted the navy to establish an investigative body to thoroughly determine the cause of the mishap.

Minister Mohamed Khaled disclosed that efforts are underway to identify the ten victims of the crash, noting that all were under the age of 40.

He highlighted the gravity of the situation and the loss felt by the navy community and the nation.

“Following the incident, there is now a reassessment of the planned activities for the navy’s 90th anniversary celebrations at the base. ” He added.

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