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“Just to block the sunlight.” Penang pet shop goes viral for honest banner

Win liao lor

PENANG – A brutally honest banner hung outside a Penang pet shop went viral on social media as a TikToker caught the sight on video.

It has been reported that the store, Uncle Gold Fish has had the banner since February.

“Don’t know what to print, (will use it) to block the sunlight.” – the banner read.

In the video posted, we could hear the TikToker laughing over the quirky banner.

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Uncle orait x orait ni? Say dah la penat hadap jem ni

♬ original sound – Mak kau green

Just being honest

Uncle Gold Fish has since gained popularity. Their Facebook page shared the same video two days later.

Shop owner Kelvin Lim revealed that the sole reason of getting the banner was to obstruct sunlight.

“Many know my goldfish shop already and this banner was for the staff and I especially in the afternoon when it’s scorching hot and we need to protect ourselves from the heat,” he told MalayMail.

Lim also said that they had absolutely no idea what to print on the banner and settled to tell the truth.

He ordered the banner “without thinking much”. Well looks like Lim made the right decision.

Great marketing strategy

The short clip was posted on 12 Nov and has since garnered over 116K views and 11.6K likes.

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Many netizens thought that the true objective of the banner was a marketing strategy.

Cover image via @nightraveller_/TikTok

Editor: Grace Choong