“So Slim!” — Latest Photo Of Jailed PM Najib Razak Raises Concern Among M’sians Over His Health

Not looking like his old self.
Jailed former prime minister Najib Razak has raised eyebrows recently after a photo of him looking way thinner than his usual self was shared online, sparking concern among his supporters.

Looked slimmer in recent photo

In the photo posted on Najib’s official Facebook account yesterday, it showed him smiling and waving his hand as he made his way towards the courtroom.

Najib razak smiling and waving outside the courtroom
Photo via FB/Najib Razak

However, what caught the eyes of most people was his physical build, where it appeared to be much slimmer and made his coat a tad too big for him.

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His cheeks were also slightly sunken and his chin a bit sharper than before.

Najib supporters express concern

In the comment section, supporters of the ex-prime minister noticed the drastic change in Najib’s appearance and wished him good health to withstand the challenges that come his way.

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Screenshot via FB/Najib Razak
Screenshot via FB/Najib Razak
Screenshot via FB/Najib Razak
Last year, Najib was convicted of misappropriating SRC International funds and subsequently fined RM10million and sentenced to 12 years in jail.

Since his imprisonment, his family and lawyer have called his conviction “unjust” and demanded for his release.


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