Irresponsible tenant abandons two pigs at Penang terrace before moving out

Please be responsible pet owners.

SIMPANG AMPAT – We have all heard countless stories of irresponsible tenants leaving their pets behind after moving out.

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However, while most pets left behind are dogs or cats, this tenant from Seberang Perai left behind their pet pigs.

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Residents of Tasek Mutiara were left in discomfort as the two-storey owner moved and left their pet pigs behind.

The incident is said to have only been noticed by the residents last month after spotting the black and white furry animals inside the terrace.

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Irresponsible tenant abandons two pigs at penang terrace before moving out
Photo from Kosmo

Abandoned pigs at terrace

It is suspected that these animals were abandoned without proper food and care.

According to Malaysia Gazette, a resident who wished to be identified as Ima expressed her dissatisfaction with the situation.

They said that it polluted the environment, not to mention that the animals were neglected since the tenants moved out.

Although they do not agree with keeping pigs as pets at home, the neighbours have been feeding the pigs out of pity.

“A complaint has been made to the management. However, up till this day, the animals are still in the house,” she told reporters today.

Residents feel uneasy

According to Ima, a representative from the Seberang Perai City Council (MBSP) visited the unoccupied house yesterday after receiving a complaint.

“I understand that a summons notice was issued to the homeowner and they are given a period of three days to move the pig.

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I hope MBSP relocates the animal if the owner refuses to do so because it affects this multi-racial community in our neighbourhood.

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Cover Images via Kosmo and Malaysia Gazette

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