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Boy named his cat “Tupperware” so his mom would let him keep it

Min's next pet will be called GPA 4.0.

Lucky, Milo, and Coco are common names we give our pets. More often than not, we dub them after their characteristics or physical appearance.

However, an Indonesian boy, Aji, took a different approach. He decided to name his kitten “Tupperware” after his mother’s favourite household item.

Boy named his cat
Aji and his “Tupperware” kitten. Credit: Facebook

The little boy hoped that by naming the kitten after his mother’s favourite item, she would agree to let him keep it.

This adorable story was uploaded by Facebook his mother, Dianti Santi. Additionally, she shared photos of him with Tupperware.

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“Aji: There is a newborn kitten at home. I named the kitten Tupperware so that it won’t be thrown away by my mother.”

Boy named his cat
Credit: Facebook

Aji looked so happy playing with his new pet.

Many find it relatable

Many netizens flocked to the comment section to share their thoughts on it.

One netizen Onny Oktorianingrum agreed that most moms are reluctant to throw plastic tupperwares away.

Boy named his cat

Another netizen praised Aji for his creativity.

Boy named his cat
Boy named his cat

If only admin had thought of this method sooner!

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Cover Images via Facebook/Dianti Santi

Author: Raymond Chen
Proofreader: Sarah Yeoh