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‘Interns Should Pay The Company For Teaching Them’ Claims M’sian Company

Cheap labour becomes free labour.

Getting an internship is one of the requirements of some university programs in order for them to complete their studies. The objective is to let the students get their hands dirty and stay up-to-date with the latest information in the working field.

In Malaysia, most companies will offer an allowance for interns to cover their transportation and basic necessities.

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However, an anonymous post on Facebook recently argued that interns should pay the company for training them.

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‘Interns should pay the company’

According to the screenshot, the company PIC shared that they don’t usually pay for internships.

We don’t pay salary for internship. Internship is for you to learn. By right, intern students should pay the company for teaching them the job.

He then continued to accuse other companies who hire interns and pay them only want “cheap labor” and but not knowledge of the field.

“Do you want money or knowledge?”, the company PIC questioned.

At the end of the message, he also stressed that imparting knowledge to interns is their specialty.

Mixed reactions from netizens

The post, which was posted yesterday (3 Jan) has since received over 2.5k likes and 2k shares at press time, sparking debates from netizens.

“Other companies want cheap labour and your company wants free labour.”

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Interns pay for company  comment 01

One also recalled her previous internship experience whereby she was tasked to clean the toilet and also dapao lunch for her boss.

Interns pay for company comment 05

One sarcastically wrote: ‘This company is good, please tell us their name.

Interns pay for company comment 02

‘Wish yuo never able to hire anyone again.

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Interns pay for company comment 03

On the flip side, another netizen shared a different point of view.

“Indeed some of the companies don’t pay for internships, don’t choose that company then… simple. No point to argue.”

Interns pay for company comment 04

What do you think? Comment below and let us know!

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'interns should pay the company for teaching them' claims m'sian company | weirdkaya
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