Indonesian Maid Performs Obscene Acts With M’sian Employee’s Baby, Now Wanted By Police

The maid left the country in 2020 but is believed to have re-entered illegally.
TW: Mentions of child abuse
An Indonesian maid who allegedly made obscene acts with the baby of her employer and produced a video of it is now being hunted down by police.

China Press reported that the 5-minute clip was later leaked online and eventually found its way to multiple WhatsApp groups, including the maid’s employer.

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Filmed herself performing lewd acts with baby

According to an individual who identified herself as a friend of the employer, she told China Press that the maid started working four years ago but was dismissed due to her poor work performance and attitude.

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Indonesian maid performs obscene acts with m'sian employee's baby, now wanted by police
Photo via FB/Xuan Xuan

“On April 19, she (the employer) was added into a WhatsApp group where several friends and former employers of the maid were included too, and was shocked to see the lewd video for herself.

Among some of the acts performed by the maid with the baby was making the baby suck her nipples and touch her private parts,” she said.

The friend also said she suspected the video was also sent to maid’s boyfriend and convinced the employer to lodge a police report, which she did on Thursday (Apr 20).

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Indonesian maid performs obscene acts with m'sian employee's baby, now wanted by police
Photo via FB/Vwee Wei

Not wanting other babies to suffer the same fate, she made a Facebook post to warn the maid’s current employer. She also urged those with further information on the maid or new employer to contact her.

Police tracking down Indonesian maid

Following the coverage, Bukit Aman Sexual, Women and Children Crime Investigation Division principal assistant director ACP Siti Kamsiah Hassan said police are now looking into the matter.

She also thanked China Press for reporting on the issue.

Bukit aman sexual, women and children crime investigation division principal assistant director acp siti kamsiah hassan
Photo via Malay Mail

She added that police are also tracking down the maid’s whereabouts and investigating the case under Section 8 of the Child Sexual Offences Act 2017, where it carries a jail term of not more than 15 years and not less than three cane strokes if convicted for publishing, distributing, or making child pornography available.

Meanwhile, Petaling Jaya deputy district police chief Superintendent Ku Mashariman Ku Mahmood said the video was most likely filmed last year before going viral, reported NST.

He also revealed that the maid was found to have left Malaysia Sept 27, 2020 by the Immigration Department but may have re-entered illegally, according to sources.

Petaling jaya deputy district police chief superintendent ku mashariman ku mahmood
Photo via NST

Ku Mashariman added that police are looking for witnesses and an Indonesian named Nenobota Marisa, whom they believe may be the key to solving the case.

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Those with knowledge on the maid’s whereabouts are urged to contact the nearest police station or investigation officer Inspector M. Megenderan at 03-79662222 or 017-3356810.


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