‘I was stunned’ Form 3 student’s English paper answer sheet leaves teacher shocked and disappointed

Malay words such as "bosan" and berdosa" were sighted in the answers too.

A teacher’s post about his student’s answer sheet for an English paper has gone viral on social media due to a series of bizarre scribblings written on it.

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In a Facebook post, the teacher shared an exam question which required students to write an essay about an incident that took place at a neighbour’s home.

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To his shock and dismay, the student instead left a trail of ineligible gibberish in an attempt to wing it.

This was one of the sample answers that caught my attention, I was stunned for a moment.

“Many questions were either left blank or filled with comments apologizing for not being able to answer. Some students even recopied the entire question or passage,” he wrote.

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The post has since caught online attention and was shared on the social media platform Reddit.

One commented that while feeling sorry for the kid was justifiable, his answer sheet may be a sign of worse things to come.

Form 3 student's answer sheet for an english paper put teacher in shock and disappointment
Screenshot via r/malaysia

Another wondered whether this post was an example of Malaysia’s declining state of English education.

Form 3 student's english paper answer sheet leaves teacher shocked and disappointed
Screenshot via r/malaysia

Cover images via New Straits Times

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