Honk! Comin’ thru! Gov’t officer films TikTok video while transporting suspect to court, angering many

'Outta my way!'

A clip showing a government officer filming a TikTok video while transporting a suspect to court in a police car has gone viral on the internet, with many questioning why such practices are still allowed in Malaysia.

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Police officer film tiktok while transferring suspect 03
Screengrab via Facebook

‘Sis is going to court, please give way ya!’

In the video, we can see government officer in full uniform complete with a name tag and begins to film herself in the car.

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The camera then slowly tilts to the right and shows the suspect’s face, who was handcuffed at the time.

Police officer film tiktok while transferring suspect
Screengrab via Facebook

The government officer also wrote “Sis is going to court, please give way ya” in the caption before whipping the camera towards the driver who was honking incessantly at the other cars.

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‘Tarnishes the police’s image’

The original video has since been deleted but was reuploaded by the Facebook page Malaysian Crime Watch.

In the post, it stated that using TikTok while on the job violates the work culture and tarnishes the image of the government, adding that the officer should be subject to disciplinary action.

The reposted video has been viewed for more than 44k times with over 200 comments at press time.

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One said that the officer was probably too young to understand the gravity of her actions.

Comment abt gov officer playing tiktok 01

Another suggested that she should be shown the door for using TikTok while on duty.

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Comment abt gov officer playing tiktok 02

One netizen questioned the need to give way to suspects during peak hours and sarcastically added, “Is bringing a suspect to court an emergency?”

Comment abt gov officer playing tiktok 03

Another said it was unprofessional of the officer to film a TikTok video while working.

Comment abt gov officer playing tiktok 04

Malay news outlet Majoriti later reported that the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) will be conducting an internal investigation into the matter and will take stern action if any rules were found to be broken.

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